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Total Punk

Suburban Homes - Are Bored 12"

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Up until a few years ago Paul Messis was mainly known for his large catalog of late 60’s garage/psych inspired releases. However back in 2014, spawned mainly out of boredom and frustration he released a three song 7” under the moniker of Suburban Homes. It was a lo-fi tinny outburst of late 70’s sounding Rough Trade punk that grabbed the attention of many record hoarding aficionados, myself included. He followed that up with the excellent Conformity In The U.K. single and now Crawley’s premier UKDIY punk outfit, Suburban Homes, are back with their highly anticipated 12” on Total Punk. As contemptuous, angst ridden, and brash as ever ’…Are Bored ‘is a six track assault on complacency, hypocrisy, and modern life in general. Equal parts Swell Maps, Desperate Bicycles, Billy Childish and 100% TOTAL PUNK!