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Terminal Filth - "Death Driven" LP

Terminal Filth - "Death Driven" LP

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TERMINAL FILTH is a brand new crust act hailing from Berlin. The reference to the Norwich quartet is more than evident, but these four crusters are not simply copying and pasting what DEVIATED INSTINCT created back in the day! Hints of AMEBIX and ANTISECT are of course clear in their sound, but what they mostly reminded me is early HELLSHOCK. They go through slow, gloomy and heavy stench core to a very aggressive and fast crust core not forgetting some melody here and there specially in the intro of a couple of tracks. It all made us shiver when we listened to it for the first time and scream "CRUST IS ALIVE"!!! They didn't add much to the classic formula and, in my opinion, this is a good thing because a weird crossover between crust with whatever else wouldn't have been much appreciated here in our headquarter. Therefore, if you're fond of the classic Agipunk crust releases you cannot help but love this record.

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