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The Dirts - "The Dirts" LP

The Dirts - "The Dirts" LP

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Neon Taste is proud to announce the release of The Dirts Debut LP recorded in the bowl's of Helvetes Kitchen on 4-track and lovingly soiled for aural consumption for Garage-Punk maniacs in North America.

After getting into precision knife-fights with every amplifier in the jam-space to achieve the perfect Lo-Fi impact required, The Dirts released these recordings on Cassette at the tail end of 2020 which sold out immediately. An amalgamation of Budget (Action) Rock and Punk fury.

Those with Dead Moon, New Bomb Turks and Stools records on their shelves will recognize the aesthetic immediately. Straight ahead Rock 'n' Roll drenched in static, dumped in canvas sneakers and passed out on the front lawn.
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