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The Misfits: Shock Theatre (book)

The Misfits: Shock Theatre (book)

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On December 21, 1977, The Misfits played their 7th ever show in Toronto at the Shock Theatre. It was the first time they performed outside of New York City or New Jersey. Rumour has that another small up-and-coming band named Devo were supposed to be the headliners but had cancelled last minute. The Misfits were already en route to Toronto and performed anyways with the storied "The Skulls" who later morphed into Canadian classic hardcore band D.O.A. 

Professional photographer Paul Till stuck around the near empty room in Devo's absence and made a consolation of the night by photographing The Misfits. 44 years later the unearthed photos were published into this book, designed by Chris Minicucci. 

See the Misfits in one of their earliest incarnations (Glenn Danzig, Jerry Only, Franche Coma, Manny) looking as young and fresh as you've ever seen them.

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