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Totalitar - "Vi Ar Eliten" LP (Gatefold Tip-On)

Totalitar - "Vi Ar Eliten" LP (Gatefold Tip-On)

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Rampaging, D-beat, hardcore punk, Stockholm, Sweden's Totalitar is one of the longest-running and most-renowned, classic Swedish hardcore bands from the 1980s, with almost 20 releases since their beginnings in 1985. After a series of farewell shows in Sweden and in the US in 2003, Totalitar decided to do one final recording and album - "Vi Ar Eliten" ("We Are The Elite") - which features 17 rock-hard tracks. A combustive steamroller of their trademark desperate, angry vocals, pounding rhythm section, and searing guitar leads, their third full-length album is one of their finest. Now available again on colored vinyl with a gatefold cover.

Track Listing:

1. Vi Ar Eliten

2. Fienden

3. Du Har Sa Kalla Hander

4. En Av Dom Som Dom Skamtar Om

5. Mer Skit Att Valja

6. Piller Mot Allt

7. Nej Vi Ska Inte Ha Nat

8. Det Lyckade Barnet

9. Overtid, Overflod Mot For Tidig Dod

10. Vi Ar Eliten

11. Dom Hyllar Valdet

12. Du Som Bara Hatar

13. Hors Jag, Syns Jag?

14. Psykopaten Bestammer

15. Vi Ar Inte Manniskor

16. Market Jag Bar

17. In I Ruset

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