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Ugly Things

Ugly Things - Issue #62 (magazine)

Ugly Things - Issue #62 (magazine)

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On the cover are the Petards, one of Germany’s most creative and idiosyncratic bands of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. Also, sunshine pop icon Sandy Salisbury, who talks about his ‘60s musical adventures with Curt Boettcher in the Ballroom and the Millennium. Mark Taylor talks about his adventures with seminal Australian punk rock ‘n’ roll animals the Psychosurgeons and the Lipstick Killers, and we reveal for the first time anywhere the remarkable saga of Charging Rhinoceros of Soul, Grande Ballroom regulars and soul brothers and sisters of the MC5 and the Stooges (Charging Rhino sax man Steve MacKay played on Funhouse). Also in this issue: Swedish ’65 teenbeat pinups the Flippers, UK ‘70s DIY/punk renegade Auntie Pus, the Fifth Estate, the Inferno, Stourbridge Lion, an interview with Luis Rego of ‘60s French beat group Les Problemes, and the post-Jefferson Airplane exploits of bass player Bob Harvey. All this and more, including our acclaimed review sections, covering all the latest vinyl and CD reissues, and rock ‘n’ roll-related books. (144 pages)

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