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To Live A Lie

Under Attack/Venomous Concept - "Split" 7-Inch

Under Attack/Venomous Concept - "Split" 7-Inch

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Focused on "evil and precise hardcore" consisting of vocalist Alex Copeland, guitarist Mark Telfian (LIMP WRIST, EUCHARIST, HAIL MARY), bass / vocalist Jason Hodges (SUPPRESSION, OOZIN MEAT), and drummer Dave Witte (MUNICIPAL WASTE, BLACK ARMY JACKET, DISCORDANCE AXIS, DENY THE CROSS).The band started a few years ago when Dave Witte and Mark Telfian hit it off at a party in Richmond, Virginia. He talked about adding more brutal elements like DYSTOPIA and early CARCASSto the spirit of pioneers like Negative Approach and Straight Ahead to form a gimmick-free Brutal hardcore band. Although all the members are from the same scene, each one has different influences, which interact with each other to create something new in Under Attack. This is a co-release with the amazing MCR Company in Japan.

***** Comments from members ***** *

Kevin Sharp / VENOMOUS CONCEPT "I've known Dave (Witte) since I was a kid. I've been talking about making records with him since I met him. In fact, when Scott (Lewis) left brutal truth, I thought he would join Dave. I've been invited, but ... I've been so busy with Human Remains that the timing isn't right, and when Dave formed the Under Attack, they had a retro approach similar to the Venomous Concept. I realized that it was natural to generously use tracks that weren't recorded in the previous recording to connect the dots ... " " About the label ... Dave too. There was a time when I was collecting MCR records too, so when he proposed a release in Japan, MCR naturally crossed my head. Yasue (SxOxB) and George Bodman (STORM OF VOID) Thanks to you, I'm grateful to be connected with MCR. To make the release even more perfect, Dave suggested that I release it on To Live I Lie in the US. "

* Dave Witte / UNDER ATTACK "I've had a long relationship with Kevin (Sharp), and the pandemic has triggered us to send each other's latest status. I sent the Under Attack sound source, and I've already recorded more than 20 songs and still have songs. He sent me a freshly completed Venomous Concept album (which is great) and suggested that I split it up because there are about two songs left. Just for the full album. I was about to start composing, but I told the members, "It's not good yet, I have to split with Venomous Concept." There was no disagreement."

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