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Various - "Order Of The Kite Volume One" LP

Various - "Order Of The Kite Volume One" LP

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A1 Anti Septic – Visions Of Power

A2 Anti Septic – War Game

A3 Anti Septic – Dice With Death

A4 Anti Septic – Death Or Glory

B1 Crime – Suicide

B2 Crime – Best To Death

B3 Crime – Nucler Blood

B4 Crime – Inside Out

B5 Z – Violence Action

B6 Z – Go To Kill

B7 Z – Go Ahead

B8 Z – Peace Of Hiroshima

C1 Disarray – Social Victim

C2 Disarray – Sadist

C3 Disarray – Slay

C4 Disarray – Balder Dash

C5 Disarray – Bad Blood

C6 Disarray – Cry Murder

C7 Disarray – The Place Of Horror

C8 The Sexua l– Anarchy & Destruction

C9 The Sexual – Crime Of Sexual

D1 The Sexual – War Cry

D2 The Sexual – The Last Days

D3 The Sexual – Scatter The Hatred

D4 The Sexual – Devil Reversion

D5 The Sexual – The End Approaches

D6 M-78 – M-78

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