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Various Artists - "Illiterate" Comp 12-Inch

Various Artists - "Illiterate" Comp 12-Inch

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The Illiterate compilation LP comes with a 32 page booklet. Half of the booklet consists of band pages and lyrics, and the other half is a collection of writings that I did between 1990 and 1993. I was very proud of these writings. They were extremely personal, and while some of the context may have been too subtle I still enjoy reading them and am very glad that I was able to publish these words. Someday I would like to combine all of my writings from No Answers with the writings from the Illiterate LP and Amnesia LP and also from the various inserts I did for the early Ebullition releases into a book. Someday.

- Kent McClard

Featuring: Voorhees, Ivich, Finger Print, Kina, Ego Trip, Hypocritical Society, Condense, Nothing Remains, Wounded Knee, Married To A Murderer, Gnezl Drei, Blindfold, Golgatha, and Abolition.

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